Emerging Markets Debt Investment Grade

Mandate Profile:

  • Client Type: German Pension Fund
  • Initial Investment Volume: 150 m. EUR
  • Investment Universe: Global Emerging Markets Bonds including Government, Quasi-Sovereign, Supranational and Corporate Bonds
  • Investment Restrictions: Min Rating BBB- (Downgraded bonds below BBB- must be sold within 30 days), max. 30% EM Corporate Bonds, max. 10% Local Debt, CDS are only allowed to hedge positions
  • ESG: Specific negative list of the investor must be implemented (will be provided at a later stage), ESG analysis should be part of the investment process, the 10 UN Global compact principles should be signed by the manager, specific ESG reporting (ESG score vs. benchmark, Carbon footprint vs. Benchmark, ESG Tracking Error analysis)
  • Benchmark: e.g. JPM EMBI GD Investment Grade
  • Tracking Error: not restricted
  • Currency Hedging: US$ hedged in Euro
  • Derivatives: allowed
  • Investment Style: active, long-only
  • Investment Vehicle: Segregated account (German “Spezialfonds”)

Deadline: Friday, June 14th, 2019 (COB)