European Quality Value Equities

Mandate Profile:

  • Client Type: German corporate
  • Initial Investment Volume: 50 m. EUR
  • Investment Universe: European equities (large, mid, small caps) with quality value and small/mid cap focus
  • Investment Restrictions: The mandate must have a focus on small and mid caps. Large caps are possible but not mandatory.
  • Benchmark: e.g. MSCI Europe SMID Value, Combination of Broad Market Index and Small Cap Index, MSCI Europe Value, etc.
  • Tracking Error: not restricted
  • Currency Hedging: unhedged
  • Derivatives: no leverage
  • Investment Style: active, long-only, fundamental discretionary stock picking investment approach, the manager should focus on stocks with a quality value profile
  • Investment Vehicle: Segregated Account (German “Spezialfonds”)

Deadline: Monday, October 25th, 2021 (COB)