Global Credit Investment Grade

Mandate Profile:

  • Investor: German Institutional Investor (Insurance)
  • Initial Investment Volume: 100 m. EUR
  • Investment Universe: Global Corporate Bonds Investment Grade, Non-Corporate Bonds Investment Grade (e.g. Supranationals), Opportunistic Off-Benchmark High Yield Investments allowed (max. 5%).
  • Investment Restrictions: no securitized securities, min-rating BBB-, max. allocation in bonds with rating from BB+ to B- of 5% permitted, consideration of a client-specific ESG exclusion list (will be provided at a later stage)
  • Benchmark: e.g. Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Credit Index
  • Tracking Error: not restricted
  • Currency Hedging: unhedged
  • Derivatives: allowed
  • Investment Style: active, long-only
  • Investment Vehicle: segregated account (German “Spezialfonds”)

Deadline: Monday, January 14th, 2019 (COB)