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Focus on liquid asset classes

We focus exclusively on liquid asset classes: Equities, Fixed Income and Absolute Return / Liquid Alternatives.

alphaport® manager database

All manager selection processes we conduct are based on our proprietary alphaport® manager database, into which managers can enter their strategies free of charge.

Free participation

Participation in all selection processes is completely free of charge for you as an asset manager at all times, as we are remunerated exclusively by our clients.

No buy lists

We do not work with buy lists, but start each manager selection from scratch, taking into account the respective customer requirements and restrictions.

Feedback policy

If you are selected as a long list candidate and do not progress further, we will be happy to offer you a detailed feedback interview.

Participation in selection processes –
alphaport® manager database

Our in-house alphaport® manager database is the starting point for every manager selection. All manager selection processes we conduct always draw on this database in the first step of our multi-stage selection process. Our alphaport® manager database provides a comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth market overview in the liquid asset classes we cover: equities, fixed income and absolute return / liquid alternatives.

As an asset manager, you have the opportunity to enter your range of strategies into our database free of charge and to maintain them online so that your strategies can be considered in our manager selection process. If your company is not yet registered, you can register by clicking on the button below. This offers you the advantage that you will automatically be informed by us via e-mail about the respective mandate profile in case of new selection processes and can decide whether you would like to participate in the selection process with a matching strategy.

In order to be considered in all selection processes, it is recommended to upload all products relevant for the institutional market in the alphaport® manager database and to update it once a year at the beginning of the year. In the case of searches during the year, a renewed performance update for suitable products is required in each case for participation in specific mandates. The effort for adding new products is deliberately kept limited. If asset management companies have successfully qualified for the long list after completion of the initial screening process, further information is requested from the companies via a separate RFI.  

The database entry in our alphaport® manager database and the associated expenditure of time is the only marketing effort that asset management companies have to invest in order to enter into a dialog with our company and with our clients. The registration in our database as well as the participation in all selection procedures is of course completely free of charge for you as an asset manager at any time, as we are exclusively remunerated by our clients.

alphaport® Manager Database

Feedback Policy

As part of our feedback policy, asset managers who have reached the long list stage in the selection process will receive a detailed feedback interview in appreciation of the additional effort required to complete the RFI in the event that they are not successful in the search. We ask for your understanding that due to capacity, in the interest of fairness and strict equal treatment of all participants, we are unable to provide feedback to candidates who did not qualify for the Long List after completing the initial screening. In case of success, you can expect us to proactively contact you by email no later than 3-4 weeks after the respective upload deadline and we ask you to refrain from further inquiries about the status at this stage of the selection process.

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If you have any questions about our alphaport® manager database, please contact Sanja Günkel by e-mail.


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