Our company

alpha portfolio advisors is an owner-managed consulting firm which was founded in 1998 and is based in Kronberg im Taunus. We are an investment consultant specialized in advising institutional investors in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. The systematic selection of active asset managers and asset allocation are the two focal points of our consulting activities:

Our customers

Our client base is broad and includes numerous leading institutional investors from Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Our client structure includes corporates (DAX, MDAX), insurance companies, pension funds, supplementary pension funds, single and multi family offices, church institutions, pension funds, foundations and banks.

Corporates (DAX, MDAX)
Church institutions
Pension funds
Professional pension funds
Supplementary pension funds
Single Family Offices
Multi Family Offices
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Kick Off Meeting & Marktansprache

  • Abstimmung des Mandatsprofils und des Zeitplans für die Suche.
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Screening & Ableitung der Long List

  • Globales Manageruniversum über alphaport® Managerdatenbank
  • Quantitatives Screening zur Ermittlung eines erweiterten Kandidatenkreises
  • Kompakte Beurteilung anhand von Strategiepräsentationen
  • Systematische Analyse der Track Records
    Abgleich mit dem spezifischen Mandatsprofil
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Ableitung der Short List

  • Dezidierte Quantanalysen
  • Auswertung eines Kurzfragebogens
  • Videokonferenz mit den Portfoliomanagern
  • Beurteilung der Kandidaten im Rahmen einer SWOT-Kurzanalyse
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Qualitative Due Diligence

  • Auswertung eines mandatsspezifischen umfassenden Fragebogens
  • Vor-Ort Besuche bei den Managern Inhaltlicher Austausch mit den relevanten Schlüsselpersonen
  • Ausführliche Analyse des Investmentprozesses
  • Systematische Bewertung der Manager mittels alphaport® Scoring-Modell
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Beauty Contest

  • Präsentation der Finalisten beim Kunden
  • Klärung abschließender Fragen und Gebührenverhandlung
  • Interaktiver Auswahlworkshop mit dem Kunden
  • Finalisierung des alphaport® Scoring-Modells
  • Ausführliche Projektdokumentation
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Laufende Begleitung

  • Zeitnahe Überwachung der Mandatsperformance
  • Systematische Überprüfung der qualitativen Aspekte
  • Klärung relevanter Veränderungen mit dem Asset Manager
  • Bei Bedarf Kundenansprache und Abstimmung
  • Gegebenenfalls Empfehlung eines Managerwechsels

Who we are

alpha portfolio advisors is an owner-managed consulting firm founded in 1998 and based in Kronberg im Taunus. We are specialized in advising institutional investors in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The systematic selection of active asset managers and the dynamization of asset allocation are our consulting focus.




Manager Selection and Dynamic Asset Allocation


Exclusive focus on liquid asset classes


Institutional German-speaking investors


Shareholders are the active managing directors

Our Mission

What we stand for



We carry the "alpha" in our name and aim to generate sustainable additional returns.



By consistently specializing in manager selection and asset allocation, we offer our clients the highest possible added value.



We set the highest standards for the quality of our services and want to inspire our customers with excellent work results.


Performance Incentives

We are measured by our consulting success and remunerated accordingly. This means that we have the same performance incentives as our clients and exclude potential conflicts of interest.



We select our employees very carefully and give them freedom and responsibility. This creates a high level of job satisfaction and motivation.

"We always go the extra mile for our customers. Our "Alpha" in the name is both a claim and an incentive for us."
Dr. Jochen Kleeberg
Founding Shareholder

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